ALTEO in Budapest Stock Exchange’s Premium category

Újabb, 6,9 megawatt névleges teljesítményű egységgel bővül Balatonberényben az ALTEO portfóliója.
ALTEO expands its photovoltaic power plant portfolio
Notice of change in corporate structure
Az ALTEO a Standard kategóriából bekerült a Budapesti Értéktőzsde legmagasabb, Prémium kategóriájába.

Az ALTEO részvényei a Budapesti Értéktőzsde Prémium kategóriájába kerültek

Starting today, ALTEO’s shares – previously in the Standard category – are trading in the highest, Premium category of the Budapest Stock Exchange. As the symbolic certification of the reclassification, trading on 12th September was opened by Attila Chikán jr., CEO of ALTEO, with the bell of the stock exchange.

Including ALTEO, 18 companies are now in the category comprising the largest and most liquid equities at the BSE. The dynamically developing energy service provider and trading company made an initial public offering in autumn 2016, previously appeared with a technical introduction on the stock exchange and implemented several successful bond programs as well.

ALTEO appeared on the domestic market almost 1 decade ago, and since then we are developing our portfolio with the aim of providing reliable energy supply, energy efficiency and climate awareness. Along with this strategy, we are steadily and consciously striving to exploit investment opportunities for growth. On the stock market, we have been targeting the BSE’s Premium category from the beginning and plan to be one of the major issuers” – said Attila Chikán jr., CEO of ALTEO.