ALTEO among the elite of ESG certified companies

A toronyból áll, 25 megawatt összteljesítménnyel rendelkező bőnyi szélerőműve.
ALTEO’s success story continues
ALTEO celebrated its best ever result with a new strategy

We are the first company in the Hungarian energy sector to obtain independent, international ESG certification.

Based on the Sustainalytics study, our company achieved a result that was better than the industry average, i.e. a lower risk rating.

Overall, ALTEO received an ESG rating of 31.1 points on Sustainalytics’ 0-50 risk scale, which assesses the company’s environmental, social and governance impacts. This makes us the first Hungarian company in the independent power producer, trader and utility sectors to achieve a lower risk score than the global average.

“We announced last year that we would like to continue our operations as a certified company under the ESG approach as soon as possible. As a listed company, transparency is a fundamental principle for us, and as a new generation energy provider, we want to set an example for energy market players”, said Attila Chikán Jr., CEO of ALTEO. He added: “we are proud to be the first company in the energy sector without oil and gas industry in Hungary to achieve ESG certification, and we are confident that this will gradually become a market expectation in the Hungarian corporate sector as well.”

“Since our launch in 2008, sustainability has accompanied us in all our business decisions, and ESG certification provides us with the benchmarks that form the basis of a comprehensive ESG strategy covering all areas of sustainability,” said Anita Simon, Deputy CEO for Sustainability and Circular Economy at ALTEO. According to her, the analysis covers all sector-specific risks and makes clear what measures can be taken to mitigate these risks, so that the results can be used as a basis for even more ESG-conscious operations in the future.

The detailed Sustainalytics report is available here