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For our Company, purchasing processes are a priority. We therefore give particular focus to establishing and developing supplier relations. For all areas of service provision, we aim to have long-term agreements to cover the maintenance of key technological equipment and technological systems.

We only work with suppliers that operate in compliance with both legal and business ethics requirements. Accordingly, we carry out the pre-qualification of our suppliers for each new contract and review our suppliers every three years.

We also conduct an additional Compliance check on our suppliers above a certain threshold value.

When establishing supplier relations, our Company seeks to involve a broad range of local business owners (who are based in the region) and looks for companies which promote the realisation of economic benefits as a result of our operations in our local vicinity– while keeping cost-efficiency considerations in mind of course.

By keeping track of the activity of our preferred suppliers and providing professional support as far as possible, we help our contractors deliver a good performance.

How can you become an ALTEO Supplier?

  • - You have to undergo a pre-qualification process. To get the process started, you have to complete and submit the „Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire” Please note, that this document is only available in Hungarian, for further details please check the Hungarian website.
  • - We then evaluate the document submitted, rank the business and notify the applicant of the results.
  • - When ALTEO begins the process of looking for a supplier in your field, we will send you a notification to that effect and invite you to submit a tender.
  • - If your business wins the tender, we will notify you and then get in touch with you.

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Our partners can find contact details for our head office and sites as well as the names of our contact persons on the following page.

HSE (Health, Safety, Fire and Environmental) Requirements

The Health, Safety, Fire and Environmental Requirements and Security Requirements that must be followed during work and sanctions for non-compliance

Downloads (all documents only available in Hungarian, please for further details check the Hungarian website)

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