The philosophy of the operation of energy systems is constantly changing – a flexible company must recognise such changes.

Attila Chikán Jr.

ALTEO. Acting differently, while still considering energy paradigms that are the most efficient for stakeholders. After all, there is always more than one good solution. What is certain, however, is that the path we choose with our partners must be profitable in the long run.

Why can't there be a company that is able to join the established major players in the market through its vision, mobility and strength? This was the question we asked 10 years ago.

On 19 March, 2008, no one dared to give an answer. Still this was the vision that drove the founders of the company who used actions instead of words. They established ALTEO, an energy company that became a versatile and fast-acting, exchange-traded giant with a diversified portfolio. All within a decade.

By acquiring Sinergy Energiaszolgáltató, Beruházó és Tanácsadó Kft., then owned by the ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group, ALTEO rose to be a key player in the Hungarian energy sector. Thus the vision turned into reality.

By integrating Sinergy, the ALTEO Group’s power plant portfolio has been expanded to include additional renewable and traditional high-efficiency energy production systems.

And what is in store for the future? This also depends on you. After all, it does not matter where the world is headed, we will be able to grow by creating value in collaboration with our partners, while still being a viable option for all our stakeholders.

One thing is certain. In autumn 2016, our company had a successful initial public offering, quadrupling the free float of our shares, while raising nearly HUF 1.4 billion for the implementation of our strategic plans.

We have been following this path with continuously renewed energy ever since. And this does not change.

With energy in mind.


ALTE-GO concluded a cooperation agreement with ShareNow

ALTE-GO concluded a cooperation agreement with ShareNow


ALTEO concluded a cooperation agreement with AutoWallis

ALTEO concluded a cooperation agreement with AutoWallis


Sustainability and ESG became part of our strategy

Sustainability and ESG became part of our strategy


The third Integrated Report of ALTEO has been completed

The third Integrated Report of ALTEO has been completed

We have prepared our third Integrated Report, in which we have disclosed the financial results of the past year and the impact of our operations on the environment and society. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, we should have no reason to complain: our company has delivered outstanding performance in all three areas.


One year without any accident!

Az ALTEO felelősen jár el az egészségvédelem, biztonságtechnika és környezetvédelem tekintetében.

Thank you all for the sacrificial work and effort that led to this very beautiful result!


BSE “Growth Bond Program Issuer Award” received!

A hazai tőkepiac szereplőjeként az ALTEO megkapta a "Növekedési Kötvényprogram kibocsátói díjat".

We received a stock market recognition for our bond issuance performance for the last year


The Gibárti Hydroelectric Power Plant has been renewed

Befejeztük a több mint 100 éve üzemelő, műemlékké nyilvánított Gibárti Vízerőmű felújítását,

We have completed the renovation of the 100 years old and heritage monument Gibárt Hydroelectric Power Plant



Azoknak a településeknek segítettünk, ahol a legtöbb munkavállalónk él és dolgozik.

To prevent the spread of the pandemic, we donated large quantities of disinfection fluids and protective masks to 6 municipalities during the year.


ALTE-GO starts!

ALTE-GO starts!

New e-mobility business unit has been started


Premium category
12 September 2018

Premium category</br>12 September 2018

ALTEO’s ordinary shares – previously in the Standard category – are now trading in the highest, Prime Market category of the Budapest Stock Exchange. As the symbolic certification of the reclassification, trading on 12th September was opened by Attila Chikán jr., CEO of ALTEO.


Energy storage facility has started its test run
13 August 2018

Energy storage facility has started its test run</br>13 August 2018

By completing their battery energy storage facility an important sustainability milestone is being reached by ALTEO GROUP. The facility is unique not only in Hungary but also in Central and Eastern Europe, and it was developed within HUF 1,1 million R&D project. ALTEO obtained HUF 500 million at a tender of the National Research and…


ALTEO expanded its photovoltaic power plant portfolio
23 July 2018

ALTEO expanded its photovoltaic power plant portfolio</br>23 July 2018

ALTEO Group integrated a new photovoltaic power plant into its portfolio on the periphery of Nagykőrös. The new unit is expected to begin its operation in the first half of 2019. By the transaction ALTEO’s solar capacity will reach 20 megawatt.


New solar energy plant
14 March 2018

New solar energy plant</br>14 March 2018

ALTEO successfully acquired a hundred percent stake in Péberény Real Estate Ltd. The energy company which is listed in BSE supplemented its portfolio with a new unit of 6,9 megawatt capacity in the periphery of Balatonberény.


Transfer of the right of ownership of Zugló-Therm’s
30 January 2018

Transfer of the right of ownership of Zugló-Therm’s</br>30 January 2018

The natural gas service provider of National Utilities Ltd and ALTEO Group have signed the sales contract for the majority shares of Zugló-Therm power plant. Following the fulfillment of the terms recorded in the contract, Sinergy – member of ALTEO Group – will be the owner of Zugló-Therm.


Extended contract with Heineken
18 January 2018

Extended contract with Heineken</br>18 January 2018

HEINEKEN Hungária Sörgyárak Zrt extended its contract for another 8 years with ALTEO Group owned Sopron Power Plant. In line with the contract ALTEO continue to provide all necessary steam and thermal water to the Heineken’s brewery in Sopron.


First solar power plant went into operation
December, 2017

Az ALTEO Group megvásárolta a közel 2 megawattos domaszéki naperőművet.

ALTEO Group finalised negotiation procedures, and became the owner of a solar power plant with the capacity of 2 MW at Domaszék, Hungary. This means that the first operating photovoltaic unit has been put into ALTEO’s power plant portfolio.


First Sustainability Report
November, 2017

First Sustainability Report</br>November, 2017

The Sustainability Report of ALTEO draws a broad and substantial picture on the operation of the company, its values and aspirations. The report outlines a roadmap enhancing the vision for a stable and long-term corporate operation.


ALTEO split its shares
November, 2017

A vállalati papírok nyolcadolásáról döntött a 2017. november 8-án megartott közgyűlésén az ALTEO.

In line with the decision made at the extraordinary general meeting held on 8 November 2017, ALTEO Nyrt. converted its ordinary shares with a nominal value of HUF 100 to 8 ordinary shares with the nominal value of HUF 12.5 forint each.


Revival of ALTEO brand
September, 2017

Revival of ALTEO brand</br>September, 2017

An innovative and new world of ALTEO has been born: the company’s new slogan – “With energy in mind!” has also been launched as a result of an extensive branding procedure. We also implemented a modern, new visual identity for the company.


Landfill Gas Power Plant in Debrecen
August 2017

2017 augusztusában megkezdte működését az ALTEO Csoport debreceni depóniagáz-hasznosító egysége.

ALTEO’s new landfill gas fired power plant, the result of a HUF 300 million investment with a capacity of 499 kilowatts, has begun to operate. The new Debrecen facility is the third such unit in the company’s energy generation portfolio, which prevent 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gas escaping to the atmosphere each year.


HUF 500 million for ALTEO’s energy storage R&D project
June 2017

Közel 1,1 milliárdos kutatás-fejlesztési projektbe kezdünk az időjárásfüggő energiaforrások hasznosításáért.

Almost HUF 500 million was granted to ALTEO by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office for supporting the development of an innovative application model for battery energy storage technology. Thanks to the support the company could begin an R&D project worth about HUF 1.1 billion in total, in which it will examine the possible…


HUF 200 million investment in Sopron
June 2017

A soproni erőművé fejlesztése során korszerűsítés, a hatékonyság és az ellátásbiztonság növelése a cél.

ALTEO Group launched an HUF 200 million development at the Sopron Power Plant, resulting in a new 10 megawatt steam being installed in the plant area, increasing the power plant’s capacity.


Private bond issuance to institutional investors
March 2017

Private bond issuance to institutional investors</br>March 2017

Institutional investors fully underwrote all the 215,000 bonds offered for sale worth HUF 2150 million.


Initial Public Offering (BSE)

The company’s shares were moved from the BSE’s “Technical” category to “Standard”. Having been created and credited to securities accounts, ALTEO’s newly issued shares started trading on the Budapest Stock Exchange today from 9am. The company’s shares were moved from the previous “T” (technical) category to BSE’s “Standard” category. Having been listed on the BSE…


Acquisition of Sinergy Kft.
4 May 2015

Acquisition of Sinergy Kft.</br> 4 May 2015

“This is a huge step in ALTEO’s history”, Attila Chikán Jr., CEO of ALTEO Energiaszolgáltató Nyrt., said after completion of the acquisition. “In terms of opportunities, the acquisition of the Sinergy Group is a milestone comparable only to the company’s foundation in 2008 or its listing on the stock exchange in 2010. The acquired know-how,…


Purchase of 1 wind turbine
May 2013

Az ALTEO Group VESTAS V90 típusú, 2 MW villamos teljesítményű pápakovácsi szélerőműve.


Purchase of 3 wind turbines
May 2012


Licence for Natural Gas Trading Activities granted
February 2012

Licence for Natural Gas Trading Activities granted</br>February 2012


Incorporation as a Public Limited Company
September 2010

Incorporation as a Public Limited Company</br>September 2010


Acquisition of Landfill Gas Power Plants in Nyíregyháza and Debrecen
Spring 2010

Acquisition of Landfill Gas Power Plants in Nyíregyháza and Debrecen</br>Spring 2010


Purchase of Győri Erőmű Kft. and Soproni Erőmű Kft.
31 December 2009

Purchase of Győri Erőmű Kft. and Soproni Erőmű Kft.</br>31 December 2009


Purchase of Hidrogáz Kft.

A kísérőgázok ártalmatlanításával mintegy 5400 tonna széndioxid-kibocsátást takarított meg.


Electricity Trading Activities Launched
2009 1 January

Az ALTEO Energiakereskedő Zrt. villamosenergia-kiskereskedelmi tevékenysége.


Establishment of the Company

Establishment of the Company

The company was founded on 19 March 2008, with the founding shareholders identifying electricity production as its core business.