During our maintenance activities, our main goal is to ensure the best possible availability and the most cost-efficient operation of the equipment.

In order to achieve that goal, we prepare an annual maintenance plan for organizing, performing and monitoring all preventative maintenance activities. The scheduled maintenance activity is appropriately and effectively complemented by condition-based maintenance. We use diagnostic equipment and methods to monitor the condition of critical equipment and parts and to conduct the assessment of the current state of the equipment:

  • vibration measurement
  • thermography
  • laser shaft alignment
  • non-destructive material test

We always intervene if required to prevent any malfunctioning or prolonged period of failure. By applying reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) and risk-based inspection (RBI) methods, we pay particular attention to ensure equipment functionality and the safety of people and technology at all times.

For all areas of service provision, we aim to perform the maintenance of key technological equipment and technological systems with the involvement of our own maintenance staff, while collaborating with our strategic partners, thereby improving the availability and reliability of equipment. In order to be able to do as much maintenance as possible in-house, we put great emphasis on the continuous training of our staff.

We conclude agreements for the maintenance of the essential equipment with the authorised service companies of manufacturers to ensure a steady supply of spare parts, the provision of the required maintenance to a high standard and a high level of availability. This contributes to the improvement of the availability and more economical operation of equipment.

Leveraging our experience, assets and human resources, we also perform diagnosis and maintenance activities to of our partners.

With energy in mind.