Thanks to our persistent building of operations, we have become one of the defining players of the domestic energy sector. In addition to keeping our focus on the notion of sustainability in our operations, we continue to exploit the business opportunities in the energy sector, thereby offering innovative solutions to the energy challenges of the present era.

With energy in mind.

As specialists in evolution, at ALTEO we adapt to our partners’ needs and think about the future simultaneously. We create a better tomorrow by using innovative solutions for today’s challenges. Sustainable investment and profitable business solutions only work in conjunction with one another.

With energy in mind.


Our company has always preferred a solution-oriented attitude, during which our decisions are based on the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and financial aspects. We, since the 2008 foundation of ALTEO, have conducted our work along this concept and I can proudly state we have achieved success in several areas in the last few years, all of which contributed to living in a more conscious, more sustainable and livable world

Attila Chikán Jr., CEO of ALTEO Group

Az új, korszerű óbudai irodánkat hatékony és környezettudatos energetikai megoldásokkal terveztük.

Here are the new offices of ALTEO Group in Óbuda! We have moved in.

We not only profess, but also work every day in the spirit of believing that the greatest value of our company is putting our faith in our employees to achieve success.

We signed a cooperation agreement with AutoWallis Group!

The aim of our strategic cooperation is to harmonize our e-mobility services in the future.
Elköltöltözött az ALTEO. Régi bútorainkat a Magyar Református Szeretetszolgálatnak adtuk.

ALTEO is moving!

A responsible company moves in a responsible manner.
Az ALTEO új projektjében a Kazincbarcikai Fűtőerőmű területén épít akkumulátoros energiatárolót.

New ALTEO project

We have launched a research project titled „Integration of storage facility built with battery cells of various parameters into the electricity system”.