ALTEO is a sustainable company, and this characteristic provides serious market potential for the corporation, since it can appear in areas that increase company value therefore shareholder value as well.

During the formation and development of the energy production portfolio, units built upon the utilization of alternative and renewable energy sources receive special attention, as well as the high-efficiency cogeneration systems burning hydrocarbon, while it is building a customer-focused and flexible energy commercial business segment.

In addition, it assists its partners to conduct efficient energy management in order to minimize environmental pressure and energy costs related to operations; and utilize economically exploitable renewable energy sources to the fullest.

Our goal is to become a defining energy service company, who can provide sustainable energy supply to its customers through the optimal use of energy commerce, decentralized energy production and efficient energy management, and proper return to its shareholders.

ALTEO Group has conducted its operations in the past, and its developments and investments in the future based on the following three criteria.

  1. Reliable energy supply is of key-importance in order to become an appreciated service provider.
  2. Energy efficiency ensures that our services are realized economically and possibly with low environmental burden.
  3. Our climate smartness supports the responsibility affecting future generations, which goes beyond lowering environmental damage.

The new strategy aims to expand current business activities as well as rethinking focus areas in order to increase productivity. The goal of corporate strategy is to assist ALTEO in strengthening its market position, find new markets and satisfy the increasing demand of clients for decentralized, industrial energy services tailor-made for individual needs.

With energy in mind.