Instead of making our operations rigid, our strategy opens up new horizons, creating a modern energy paradigm in the sector.

The ALTEO Group’s strategic objective is to become a major energy service provider that ensures a sustainable energy supply for its consumers and solid returns for its shareholders through the optimum use of energy trade, decentralized energy production and efficient energy management.

To achieve this aim, our company has created, and is continuously developing, an energy production portfolio including units which use renewable energy sources or gas-fuelled small decentralized energy plants as well as building a consumer-focused and resilient energy trading business. Moreover, we help our consumers in efficient energy management to enable them to minimise the environmental impact and energy costs resulting from their operations and maximise the utilisation of renewable energy sources that can be used economically.

The ALTEO Group operates mainly in Hungary, but it is also our Company’s goal to extend the geographical scope of its activities to other neighbouring countries and to the Central Eastern European region as a whole. Our consumer base includes small and medium-sized Hungarian enterprises as well as large corporations.

With energy in mind.