Our own energy assets (power and heating plants) are operated by our professional staff who carry out facility management responsibilities. We also operate several external (foreign) plants, based on long-term contract with our customers.

Our scope of activities cover the planning, organization, performance, management and monitoring of the operation works. In addition to fully meeting our contractual obligations, our main objective is to achieve, maintain and improve customer satisfaction. Specific customer needs must be met while considering the principles of climate awareness, reliability and energy efficiency. The procedures and instructions included in the Integrated Management System and their implementation serve this purpose. Quality work can be ensured as a result.

When selling electricity, we offer our customers the services provided by our Virtual Power Plant.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the operational activities, we use a proprietary software (extRIM) to support integrated operation and maintenance. This software may be accessed by any employee with the appropriate permission at any of our company’s sites.

Leveraging this operational experience, we are also able to offer operation services to new or existing plants owned by our customers, guaranteeing the security of supply of the required energy types.

Our operational and facility management activities also cover the purchase of the necessary primary energy sources as well as the production and supply of the required energy type:

  • electricity
  • natural gas
  • heat (hot water, steam)
  • cooling
  • treated water
  • compressed air
  • industrial gases
  • waste water treatment and disposal

When purchasing natural gas, we provide our partners with the benefits of our company’s portfolio.

When selling electricity, we offer our customers the services provided by our Virtual Power Plant.

With energy in mind.