As a certified ESG company, we want to set an example for energy sector players.

Attila Chikán, Jr.

From the very start, ALTEO's effectiveness has been driven by the pursuit of sustainability. One key element of this has been to consistently increase the share of renewable energy and high-efficiency cogeneration, in agreement with our clients and in consideration of their unique needs and characteristics. We are committed to transparent and fair business conduct, which is why we published our first Code of Ethics. Furthermore, we developed our Integrated Management System, which also includes the Energy Management System.

One of the pillars of our sustainability objective is our active investment policy, which we continue to pursue consistently. In this context, we are planning to give renewables a permanently prominent role, while keeping focus on professionally meeting the specific market and economic needs of our business partners.

We are fortunate in that our convictions related to sustainability coincide with both our own business objectives as well as the strategic and financial goals of our partners. As a result, we can work closely to ensure that our development is based on reliable energy supply, energy efficiency and climate awareness - since it is in our common interest.

Attila Chikán Jr.

With energy in mind.