I thus believe, and my experiences also show, that being environmentally conscious is an increasingly important part both of everyday life as well as of corporate culture.

Attila Chikán, Jr.

From the beginning, ALTEO’s objective has been to ensure that efforts at sustainability play a determining role in its effectiveness. One key element of this has been to consistently increase the share of renewable energy and high-efficiency cogeneration, in agreement with our clients and in consideration of their unique needs and characteristics. Furthermore, our company is committed to transparent and fair business behaviour. It was in this spirit that we published our first Code of Ethics early last year and developed our Integrated Management System, which incorporates our Energy Management System.

As the basis of our sustainability objective, we will continue to pursue our active investment policies. Our investments this year serve as the beginning of a dynamic period: in the next two years, we plan to invest some 15 billion HUF in energy. We intend for renewable energy sources to play an important role in this, and – as before – will be undertaking these projects while meeting the specialised market and economic needs of our business partners in a professional way.

We are fortunate in that our convictions related to sustainability match our own strategic and financial goals, as well as the strategic and financial goals of our partners. We are therefore able to take action directly to ensure that a reliable supply of energy, energy efficiency and climate awareness serve as the foundations of our development. We are convinced this is in our shared interest.

With energy in mind.