Diversity at ALTEO

Our Company has always favored a solution-oriented attitude, where decisions are made with a view to the three pillars of sustainability: the environment, our society, and financial aspects. ALTEO is committed to equal treatment, equal opportunities, and organizational diversity. Traditionally, we have placed a strong emphasis on gender equality, intergenerational coexistence, and employee wellbeing. In addition to safety, excellence and cooperation, diversity is also an important pillar of our corporate culture.

Generational diversity

As a truly multigenerational organization, we believe that talent is not a matter of age. Intergenerational cooperation and knowledge-sharing are essential for a harmonious workplace.

  • Consequently, we start laying the foundations for the next generation of professionals as early as in secondary school: our non-Budapest power plants are the most popular destinations, where secondary school students can learn the basics of their future profession as part of summer internships.
  • We would like to extend our mentoring program to summer internships, so that experienced colleagues can show secondary school students as well as fresh graduates the ins and outs of power plant operation.
  • We plan to build new partnerships with secondary schools and universities alongside existing collaborations.
  • To foster loyalty and long-term working relationships, we offer a Jubilee Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of the accomplishments of our most loyal colleagues.
  • Given that financial security is also part of old-age wellbeing, we encourage self-provisioning among staff members, regardless of their age, by offering them an individual voluntary pension supplement.

Employee wellbeing, family-friendly operation

The wellbeing and health of our colleagues is a priority for us. Which is why we strive to create open and inclusive workplace communities where people look out for one another. We provide health protection programs to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, including health insurance. Our family-friendly policies aim to help our staff balance their family and work life.

  • We aim to contribute to work-life balance by improving the acceptance of flexible working, including hybrid solutions.
  • We help our colleagues stay healthy with a comprehensive health screening package as supplement to their health insurance.
  • We promote a healthy lifestyle, mental and physical wellbeing through "wellbeing" programs (ALTEO Fit). This includes the availability of sports facilities, supporting the purchase of fitness passes and procuring sports equipment for home use.
  • During the compulsory home office period, we tried to help staff with office equipment (e.g. chairs, desks), and for those with families, we also contributed to distance learning for children: we provided laptops for learning if needed, and we organized online daycare during quarantine.
  • • At ALTEO, it goes without saying that when newborn babies arrive, fathers also have a place at home. Consequently, our male staff can not only benefit from the childcare allowance (GYES), but can also claim extra days off when their child is born.

Gender equality

In a traditionally male-dominated profession, we want to attract women to careers in energy. Hence why we provide equal opportunities for both sexes.

  • Equal opportunities are already evident in our recruitment process: candidates are selected solely on the basis of their professional experience and skills.
  • Offering 4 or 6-hour jobs to mothers with young children has long been an integral part of part-time work opportunities at the Company.
  • We pay particular attention to training women leaders, through targeted internal and external initiatives (BCSDH, Future Leader program). In this context, we would like to contribute financially to the creation of a self-organizing women's leadership group.
  • The most talented colleagues and future leaders are targeted by the competency-based Talent Program, in the framework of which mentors provide for targeted development of participants.

With energy in mind.