In January 2019, ALTEO Nyrt. established its Waste Management Division to

  • develop and enhance cooperation opportunities in the waste management sector,
  • mplement acquisitions,
  • fulfill a key role in creating innovative technologies required in the field and
  • to strengthen its commitment to sustainability through its activities.

ECO-FIRST Kft. was founded in 2017 for the purpose of conducting waste trading services. The acquisition completed in June 2019 (ALTEO Nyrt. acquired a 66.66% stake in the company) offered an opportunity for the company to become a dominant player in the biogas industry materials trading market.

"Our greatest value and, at the same time, our greatest task is to look at waste as an inspirational opportunity and not as a problem.”

The Company’s services primarily include waste collection from supermarkets as well as complex waste management and sustainability services, alongside with a special focus on the trade of materials and byproducts suitable for biogas-purpose utilization.

The services provided by the Waste Management Division are categorized as follows:

  • Waste collection activities: Collection of Category 2 and 3 animal byproducts, expired foodproducts from supermarkets, organic waste as well as hazardous and non-hazardous waste from restaurants, cleaning of grease and oil collection equipment and handling the wastematerials thereof
  • Biogas plant services: Trade of materials for biogas plant utilization, industrial utilization of biogas
  • Expert services: Compiling waste management process analyses, complex waste management activities, establishment of best practices, preparation of waste declarations.

Our results to date in figures:

In addition to the utilization of organic waste for biogas purposes, our Division is committed to providing services to the entire value chain in the areas outlined above. The Nagykőrös biogas power plant is a dedicated representative of utilization for biogas purposes, and the plant’s complex waste management is carried out by our Company’s professionals.

Waste management at ECO-FIRST


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