ALTEO Group owns or operates 22 power plant units; the total portfolio’s electricity generating capacity is 220.3 megawatts and also 778 megawatts of heat generating capacity (in 2022). The portfolio contains plants based on renewable resources: ALTEO owns 24 wind power plants, operates two hydroelectric power plants and several plants based on gases from renewable sources and biogas and one solar plant.

ALTEO Group’s operational structure reflects its diversified portfolio: all project companies, power generating and trading companies are subsidiaries of ALTEO Nyrt.

ALTEO Group is made up of the parent company and its subsidiaries.

Spreading power generation based on renewable resources and highly efficient decentralised systems more widespeard is one of theGroup’s main tasks. In line with this ambition, ALTEO Group has built and is continuously developing a plant portfolio that consists of units of alternative and renewable energy as well as complementary, high efficiency, natural gas fired electricity and heat cogeneration systems located close to heat consumers. Furthermore the Group operates and owns several thermal plants, which produce energy for industrial plants and serve urban district heating systems.

With energy in mind.