ALTEO is moving!

Az ALTEO új projektjében a Kazincbarcikai Fűtőerőmű területén épít akkumulátoros energiatárolót.
New ALTEO project
We signed a cooperation agreement with AutoWallis Group!
Elköltöltözött az ALTEO. Régi bútorainkat a Magyar Református Szeretetszolgálatnak adtuk.

A responsible company moves in a responsible manner.

We wanted to donate our old furniture to a place where those in need could use them for a long time. That is why we chose Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, which assists in donating our furniture to schools, nursing homes and homes for the disabled, as well as families in need. Thanks to our donation, they will create new offices, community spaces and rooms, thereby we can help the work and daily comfort of hundreds of people.

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