ALTEO divides its shares by one to eight

Első Fenntarthatósági Jelentésünk a Deloitte Magyarország Zöld Béka Díját kapta meg.
Alteo’s sustainability report wins Deloitte’s Green Frog Award
A vállalati papírok nyolcadolásáról döntött a 2017. november 8-án megartott közgyűlésén az ALTEO.

A vállalati papírok nyolcadolásáról döntött az ALTEO

ALTEO Group’s parent company, ALTEO Plc., held an extraordinary General Meeting on November 8 2017, on which the shareholders decided to divide the company’s share by one to eight without any changes in the capital funds.

As a result of the split of corporate papers, the current 2,050,150 Series A ordinary shares of HUF 100 are replaced by 16,401,200 dematerialized ordinary shares with par value of HUF 12.5 each. The purpose of the measure is to create a more favorable capital market product for investors and to improve the liquidity of the shares.