The world of ALTEO

It is important for us to be able to work with committed and motivated people to ensure the success of the Group and make the world a more sustainable place.

What does ALTEO offer its employees?

In order to build a truly motivated and committed team, we aim to provide all our staff with stable jobs, challenging responsibilities and competitive salaries as well as a positive vision.

In addition to the salary, we also provide cafeteria benefits and support with travel expenses for commuting to and from work. With the employer’s voluntary pension scheme contribution, we also help our employees to save more for their retirement in a safe and effective manner.

As a responsible employer, we also help out if one of our employees fall on hard times. For instance, we pay better cover than legally required for periods of sick leave, we take out group personal insurance to cover our employees and we also provide burial assistance if needed.

We create fixed-term temporary positions for those who go on maternity leave, thereby enabling them to return to their jobs when their children start nursery school. Upon request, if their positions permit, we provide them with the option to work part-time.

To recognise individual achievement, we have a Performance Assessed Bonus System (PABS) in place. Under this system, we set personal objectives and competence development goals for the current year and then assess and reward their achievement the following year.

We regularly provide education and training to our employees as set out in our Integrated Management System (IMS) policy.

How do we interact with each other?

Employees get the chance to formally meet ALTEO management at least once a year in the framework of so-called “personnel meetings” held at company sites. In addition, we keep our staff informed about current and relevant news on the Group through an internal mail system.

In order to spend some time together in a casual setting, we hold the ALTEO Family Day every year where not only our employees but also their families are welcome.

With energy in mind.