Our strategy is aimed at ensuring sustainable operation that takes account of the economic, environmental and social impact of our activities.

To achieve this aim, our company has created, and continuously develops, an energy production portfolio which includes units that use both alternative and renewable energy sources as well as high-efficiency hydrocarbon-fuelled cogeneration systems. Our company has also built a customer-focused and resilient energy trading business. Moreover, we aid our partners in the field of efficient energy management to enable them to minimise the environmental impact and the energy costs resulting from their operations, to maximise the use of renewable energy sources that can be used economically.

The implementation of ALTEO Group’s strategy is based on a three-pronged approach: reliable energy supply, energy efficiency and climate awareness.

Reliable energy supply is key element in our becoming a respected service provider. Energy efficiency ensures that our services are delivered economically and with the lowest possible environmental impact. Climate awareness is part of our responsibility to future generations that goes beyond the reduction of environmental damage. The ALTEO Group applies these three criteria both to its current operations and to all future development and investment. Between 2017-2019, ALTEO intends to make energy investments of HUF 10-15 billion. Energy investments are expected to be made in the areas of activity in which ALTEO already operates.

Energy production based on renewable sources would be a priority for ALTEO’s planned investments. Renewable energy production projects accounted for over 50% on the 2016 list of ALTEO investment opportunities. Market energy production and investment opportunities related to virtual power plant services represented more than 35% on the list of investment opportunities, while the remaining 10% concerned energy services.

With energy in mind.