We aim to achieve ESG certification by the end of 2021. With this in mind, we have drawn up a comprehensive sustainability strategy, involving our employees from the very beginning. We used a questionnaire to gauge their knowledge and interest in the subject, with a very high participation rate of 72%.

Based on their feedback, we have defined our sustainability strategy in five points:

1. Carbon footprint:

In 2021, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint: We will accurately calculate our current carbon footprint so that efforts to reduce it can be incorporated into our strategy.

2. Transport:

We are continuously greenifying our company fleet so that 50% of our vehicles are hybrid or electric by 2050. Our e-mobility business provides the chargers required for this effort. In addition, we are also encouraging staff to cycle to work.

3. Waste reduction:

Office waste is collected separately and composted. We support reuse through education and donations. We are striving to make the office completely paperless.

4. Organization:

We help our staff to adopt more sustainable practices through regular communication and education. We regularly take part in events on the topic and we also take a green approach to organizing our own events.

5. CSR programs:

We participate in volunteer projects related to sustainability and the environment, and fundraise for relevant organizations. We also involve local governments and educational institutions in CSR programs.

With energy in mind.