A 6,9 MW teljesítményű balatonberényi naperőmű 26 784 darab 285W-os polikristályos napelemből áll.
Balatonberény Solar Power Plant
Összesen 17 072 db 285W-os polikristályos napelemekből álló, 4 MW teljesítményű monori naperőmű.
Monor Solar Power Plant
14, egyenként 495 kilowatt névleges villamos teljesítményű egységből álló nagykőrösi naperőműpark.

ALTEO - Naperőmű Nagykőrös

ALTEO's self-implemented solar power plant in Nagykőrös commenced commercial operation in July 2019. The facility comprises a total of 14 solar power plant units, each with a nominal electrical capacity of 495 kilowatts, and was implemented in the non-residential area of Nagykőrös on 18 ha. The facility is unique in ALTEO's solar power plant portfolio: it has a single-axle solar tracking system, through which the 26,418 pieces of 345W solar panels are able to use the energy of solar radiation more efficiently, and thereby produce approximately 15% more electricity than traditionally installed solar power plants. The electricity produced by the power plants will be sold in the mandatory offtake system (KÁT) for 25 years, based on a permit issued by the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority.

A drone flies towards ALTEO's new solar power plants

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