2017 augusztusában megkezdte működését az ALTEO Csoport debreceni depóniagáz-hasznosító egysége.
Debrecen Landfill Gas Power Plants I & II
A nagykőrösi biogáz üzem évente sok tonna mezőgazdasági- és élelmiszeripari hulladékot hasznosít.

ALTEO - Nagykőrösi Biogáz üzem

Investor: Energikum Zrt.

Project company: Energigas Kft.

Investment amount: HUF 2.5 billion

Project implementation period: 2014-2015

Project implementation site: 2750 Nagykőrös, külterület, 0114/45 hrsz.

ALTEO Group is operating the Nagykőrösi Biogas Plant since 1 January 2016 based on a long term O&M contract with Energigas Kft, the owner of the plant. The biogas plant uses 50,000-60,000 tonnes of agricultural and food industry waste, by-products and food that has expired. The two gas engines in operation in the biogas plant, with a total installed electrical capacity of 2,000 kW, are supplied with biogas with a 52-58% methane content by four fermenters. The project company can sell the produced electricity to MAVIR under the compulsory feed-in tariff system until the 2030. Operation includes the handling and feed-in of incoming feedstock, the monitoring and operation of the biogas technology as a whole, the operation and maintenance of gas engines as well as the electric systems of the plant.


Fermenters: 2 main and 2 post-fermenters

Annual feedstock use: 50.000 – 60.000 tonnes

Feedstock used: agricultural and food industry waste and by-products; expired food

Installed gas engines: Deutz TCG 2020 V12 and Deutz TCG 2016 V16

Installed electrical capacity: 1.200kW and 800kW

Annual electricity production: 12-14GWh

With energy in mind.