I believe we can only march toward a truly sustainable future as responsibly thinking persons and as a responsibly behaving company, ESG qualification provides guidelines to all in this endeavor: including investors, buyers and clients

Mr. Domonkos Kovács, deputy CEO M&A and Capital Markets

As one of the Hungarian representatives of the increasingly widespread ESG approach focusing on sustainable way of thinking, we conduct our work along this conceptual perspective since the very beginning. The approach is the abbreviation for the words Environmental, Social and Governance; companies giving priority to sustainability in their operations are characterized as such in international practice. This type of investment includes the research and factorization of environmental, social and governance issues, in addition to usual financial tools, during the evaluation of the potential inventory of the portfolio.

In accordance with international trends, we publish our report in an integrated form for the second time of our financial results and our sustainability efforts.

With energy in mind.