Investor presentation on the 2019 preliminary financial results* 17 February 2020
Publication of the notice of the General Meeting 17 March 2020
Publication of the IFRS, consolidated, annual report and the non-consolidated, HAS annual reports of the companies of ALTEO Group (proposals to the General Meeting)* 26 March 2020
ALTEO Nyrt.'s Annual General Meeting to close the 2019 financial year (the Annual General Meeting is open to the press)* 30 April 2020
Investor presentation on the Q1 2020 financial results* 18 May 2020
Half year report and investor presentation on the H1 2020 financial results* 31 August 2020
Investor presentation on the Q3 2020 financial results* 16 November 2020

* The dates shown in the table are planned and may be subject to change.

Investor relations

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