ALTEO Group’s parent company, ALTEO Energiaszolgáltató Nyrt. (“Energy Provider”), carried out a capital increase by issuance between 26 September and 17 October 2016, allowing institutional and private investors to subscribe for the company’s shares. As part of the capital expansion, ALTEO Group issued a total of 299,992 new corporate securities at a unit price of HUF 4,630, amounting to HUF 1.4 billion. With the securities already listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange and the newly issued shares combined, the company has a significant free float of 400,000 shares, resulting in a significant improvement in liquidity. The company’s shares have been moved from the Budapest Stock Exchange’s “Technical” category to “Standard”, at the beginning. On September 12th, 2018, ALTEO’s shares successfully stepped into the Prime Category of BSE.

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BSE – issuer information

Product features

On December 6, 2017, ALTEO split its shares 8-for-1.

Name of security: ALTEO share

Issuer: ALTEO Energiaszolgáltató Nyilvánosan Működő Részvénytársaság

Equity class: Ordinary share

Type of security: Registered

Form of security: Dematerialised

Code of security (ISIN): HU0000155726

Ticker symbol: ALTEO

Face value: 12.5 HUF

Number of securities listed: 16,401,200

Rights to dividends: Full year

Listing date: 12 October 2010

First Trading Day: 12 October 2010

Market: Prime

Trading unit: 1

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