ALTEO is a Hungarian owned energy provider and trading company with modern management approach and inspiring corporate culture. The scope of its business activity reaches to energy production based on renewable and natural gas resources, whereas it also covers energy trading, moreover tailor-made energy services and unique developments for corporate entities. ALTEO provides reliable, environmentally conscious, complex energy solutions focusing on sustainability and renewable technologies. Its clients in the field of energy trading can be identified among SME sector and multinationals as well. Thanks to its optimal structure of assets and virtual power plants, ALTEO is able to fully meet the various needs of its clients. The shares of ALTEO were listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange in October of 2010.

ALTEO PLc. , carried out a capital increase by issuance between 26 September and 17 October 2016, allowing institutional and private investors to subscribe for the company’s shares. As part of the capital expansion, ALTEO Group issued a total of 299,992 new corporate securities at a unit price of HUF 4,630, amounting to HUF 1.4 billion. With the securities already listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange and the newly issued shares combined, the company has a significant free float of 400,000 shares, resulting in a significant improvement in liquidity. The company’s shares have been moved from the Budapest Stock Exchange’s “Technical” category to “Standard”.

ALTEO reached a net sales of HUF 13.9 bn in 2016 , while its net profit topped HUF 800 MN, which reflects an impressive growth. ALTEO is a dynamically expanding and developing corporation who continuously seeks growth opportunities during its operation and follows its business strategy, in order to provide the best quality and most innovative solutions to its partners, whereby the shareholders’ value can be permanently maximized.

  • 2010 - 5,658 billion HUF56%

  • 2013 - 6,147 billion HUF61%

  • 2015 - 10,7 billion HUF80%
  • 2016 - 13,948 billion HUF90%
  • 2017 - 18,389 billion HUF97%
  • 2018 - 18,891 billion HUF100%

With energy in mind.